Call of Doody Pet Waste Removal

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Call of Doody Pet Waste Removal
Serving Tri-Cities TN Area
Johnson City
Pet waste removal, yard disinfecting and deodorizing service serving the Tri-Cities TN area.
Dianne’s Pet Projects Obedience and Training
Dianne's Pet Projects Obedience and Training teaches all aspects of obedience and training. From puppy to service to therapy training, I can assist you with what you're looking for.
You may ask yourself why you should go with my training over other programs available. The answer quite simply is that I come to you. My philosophy is that if I can't see a problem, I can't help you fix it. I do use treats, but only to train the behavior. Once the behavior is learned, we wean off the treats and your dog learns to be obedient because it is expected to be obedient and not because I have a cookie waiting. That behavior is a performance trained dog and not an obedient dog. I also give you the tools to have a mannerly dog. Manners consist of not rushing people and guests as they enter the home, sitting quietly next to you as you are either sitting watching TV or when you are out on a walk and would like to stop and talk to someone, not jumping on people in the home, not begging for food, walking nicely on a leash and not dragging you down the street.
My fee is $65 per lesson or 5 lessons for $300 and is for the Kingsport, Blountville and Johnson City area. If you live elsewhere the price is raised due to travel time.

If you are interested in Service Dog Training, I would first need a letter from your Doctor on his letterhead or on a prescription script that your disability is such that you would benefit from having a Service Dog. If you have a dog in your home presently, I would need to meet the dog and do a temperment test to determine if he or she is a viable candidate for Service work. If you don't have a dog, I can assist in finding a dog for you. My fee for Service Training is $5500 and payment options are available.

Due to my schedule and that answering questions by text or Facebook is time consuming I ask that you please call me or text me to ask me to call you. Questions about training usually cannot be answered in a few minutes or in a few sentences in a text.

Dianne's Pet Projects Obedience and Training (423) 367-8364.
Wag N Suds LLC
3101 West Market St., Ste 210
Johnson City
The Tri-Cities only Pet Retail and DIY Spa for dogs.