New Year / New Water for 2021

Mountain View Pure Water

New Year / New Water for 2021

Forget New Years Resolutions, it’s time for a life changing event instead. We are told by experts that 80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail by the second week of February! The easiest way to change your health for the long term is to change the water you drink, cook and bathe with. Of course, we all know keeping resolutions is hard, so let the professionals do all the work while you reap the benefits! 

Welcome to the Mountain View Pure Water 90 Day Challenge. They will be your will power to get you in the habit of using better water. They will do the work to set it up, you just use it and experience the difference. For only $19.95/mo (3 months) for 1 system or ONLY $29.95/mo (3 months) for both, they will install your choice of:

  • Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System that purifies the water coming into your kitchen so that it is safe for your family, smells great, and tastes great too. This is an unlimited supply of purified drinking water right at your sink.
  • Whole House Water Conditioner that removes chlorine, bad taste and odor, and provides luxuriously soft showers with no more hard water residue in your home.

For Only $1/day, you can change your life! Your body is over 70% water, so this is a “no-brainer”, right?

What now? Contact Us to Schedule Your Free Water Test.

Let Mountain View Pure Water help you and your family with “Clean” water that lasts for years!

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Bookkeeping vs. Accounting

Dreambuilder Bookkeeping Johnson City, TN

Bookkeeping vs. Accounting:
What’s the Difference?

The historical battle of Bookkeeping vs. Accounting! If you are not a bookkeeper or accountant by trade, you probably don’t spend your days thinking about how they are different from each other. You probably didn’t even know that there is a difference between the two.

That’s because most people think of bookkeeping and accounting as one in the same.   It’s true that bookkeeping and accounting are often confused with each other because of their relation to financial reporting. But while these two are related, interdependent, and essential business functions, bookkeeping and accounting are distinct from one another, too. In this article, we explore bookkeeping vs. accounting, including the differences between the two, and how they overlap!


Overview of Bookkeeping

Not sure what bookkeeping is all about? Put simply, bookkeeping is defined as the process of recording day-to-day financial transactions in a consistent manner. A day in the life of a bookkeeper will look different depending on the size of the company they work for as well as what types of accounts they manage. But all bookkeepers work to make sure the financial data is accurately entered and processed.

On any given day, a bookkeeper can be found:

  • Preparing income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and statements of total recognized gains and losses
  • Processing payroll
  • Paying contractor and supplier invoices
  • Monitoring debt
  • Recording incoming cash
  • Reconciling accounts
  • Maintaining the annual budget
  • Reporting issues as they arise
  • Assisting accountants come tax season

Overview of Accounting

One of the biggest differences between accounting vs. bookkeeping is that accounting comes with a broader set of responsibilities and refers to the process of financial reporting. A primary goal of accounting is to provide key financial information to business owners, managers, and investors so they can make informed, strategic business decisions. To do this, accountants thoroughly analyze and interpret financial information to create advanced reports on how the business is performing.

Think of accountants like doctors—they look at symptoms (or financial information) and prescribe something so businesses can improve their financial health.

On any given day, an accountant can be found:

  • Preparing and analyzing financial statements
  • Analyzing operations costs
  • Recording expenses that haven’t been recorded by the bookkeepers
  • Completing income tax returns
  • Supervising bookkeepers’ work to ensure that they accurately record and categorize transactions
  • Helping business owners understand the financial health of their business
  • Helping business owners make informed strategic business decisions
  • Setting controls for detecting and preventing fraud or embezzlement of funds

Bookkeeping vs. Accounting is not a Battle for the Ages, they both have their place in your business.  Bookkeeping is the first step to keeping things on track.  All in all, bookkeeping is an important task for every business. Having a good bookkeeper touts many benefits like giving you peace of mind knowing your books are in top shape and helping you make better financial decisions for your business.

If you are needing a  well established bookkeeper to help you get and stay on track with your income/expenses give Sarah Binger a call at Dreambuilder Bookkeeper today to see what she can do to help your business.

HVAC Too Hot? Too Cold? Just Right! All In One Refrigeration.

All In One Refrigeration Services Johnson City TN

HVAC and Refrigeration Services in the Tri-Cities TN region.

For the best in both residential HVAC installation and repair and commercial refrigeration service in the Tri-Cities area, look no further than All In One Refrigeration Services. 

All In One is a one-stop destination for all your HVAC and refrigeration needs, including:


  • Residential HVAC repair, service and installation
  • Commercial HVAC service and repair
  • Light commercial HVAC equipment installation
  • Commercial refrigeration:
    • Walk-in coolers/freezers
    • Prep tables
    • Reach-in coolers/freezers
    • Ice machines
    • Beer kegerators


All In One Refrigeration Services is unique because the owner, Gary Wagner, has deep family roots in the community and knows that his family’s reputation is on the line with every job All In One performs. The company was founded by two lifelong friends that have been tight since they were three and four years old. Together they have a combined 60 years of experience in the HVAC and refrigeration business.


One of the cornerstones of All In One Refrigeration Services is customer care.  “As a small business we try to keep our overhead as low as possible in order to help our customers save money,” Gary says. “We understand they have bills and they should not have to choose between taking care of their HVAC/Refrigeration and putting food on their table.”


Attention to detail is also very important. “I had a customer once that had a system replaced by a friend,” Gary says. “They had nothing but trouble with it and finally called us to look at it. They were convinced they had gotten a bad unit. I started the system and noticed there was not enough airflow. I checked the fan speed but it was on high. I pulled the blower assembly out and found part of the shipping material inside the assembly restricting the airflow! I removed it and everything worked great.”


Kim Vail, All In One’s Marketing Manager, tells a similar story. “A customer had a new unit installed by a different company and it had nothing but issues from the beginning,” Kim says. “The other company was wanting to charge them every time they came out and never found anything wrong. On their final visit they told the customer that they needed a new unit. It was different techs every time, and they didn’t seem to know what the previous tech had done. The customer finally told them to stop coming back, and they would get another company to look at it. They contacted a few other big-name businesses, only to be told that it would be three or four days before anyone could get out to them. We received the call early in the day and we provided same day service. The issue ended up being an easy fix that didn’t cost the customer anything other than the service fee.”


All In One has a simple but effective business philosophy. “We understand how important it is to have a reliable and cost-effective HVAC/R systems service company that keeps your equipment at peak performance and your home or business comfortable. Your comfort is our business,” Kim says. “Our ideal customer is anyone that owns or operates/manages a restaurant or bar and has kitchen equipment that requires refrigerant. On the HVAC side of the company, our ideal customers are residential dwellings with heat pumps, gas/oil heat systems, and mini split systems. Commercial businesses with rooftop units and ground units are ideal customers, as well.”


Kim says that “going the extra mile” for customers is something they do well. “We offer a low after-hours charge compared to the other companies in our area. Our techs will talk to the customer to try to get the best idea of what may be the issue. If we can avoid an unnecessary call for the customer then we will. Often times we need a part that we do not stock and cannot get until the next day, so why charge the customer just to say that we can’t fix it until tomorrow? We hear so often that customers have to pay well over $100 for a 6 pm call just to learn that they can’t fix it. Although we understand the urgency of having a heat pump issue, especially in the winter, there truly isn’t much anyone can do without the proper parts.”


Another cornerstone of All In One is making customers feel special. “Our customers are very important to us,” Kim says. “We like to take an individual approach to each one and know them by name. We frequent their businesses as customers ourselves and appreciate the welcome we receive, so we definitely return the gratitude. As for our residential customers we always remember them after the first time. It’s always nice to be able to ask about their dog or cat, or grandchild, or last travel excursion. We enjoy getting to know our customers and making them feel comfortable with us being in their homes.”


All In One customers enjoy peace of mind. “We offer ONE year of labor protection from the date of service,” Kim says. “If there are any warranties on the parts or equipment, we will handle communication with the appropriate party to ensure the customer receives the best coverage possible.”


Don’t lose your cool in the summer or shiver in the winter. Keep your business coolers working at their best. Call All In One Refrigeration Services for quality and service you can rely on.

HVAC Tri-Cities TN

All In One Refrigeration Services

Serving the Tri-Cities area of Eastern Tennessee






[email protected]




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Stay Active!

Tri-Cities Social Sports

Tri-Cities Social Sports

Stay Active!

We know that the gyms and parks are still open, but we don’t know if things are going to change. What about staying active with a group of people, or competing again like back in high school and just having more fun while doing it?

Tri-Cities Social Sports

Tri-Cities Social Sports was created to provide recreational sports leagues and social events for adults over 21 (think of it like intramurals for grown ups). It does not matter about your skill level or athletic ability; find a sport you enjoy and take the opportunity to socialize and make new friends that could last a lifetime.

TCSS emphasizes recreational play that doesn’t take the score too seriously.

In addition to the weekly after game parties, they organize exclusive social events and tournaments. It’s a great way to meet new people, or just kick back with some friends and a drink after a great game.

Tri-Cities Social Sports has a variety of Team Sport opportunities for you!



Sand Volleyball

Indoor Volleyball

Flag Football


Bar Olympics

It is good to know that there is a league out there that believes in quality events, competition, fun, and staying fit!

Check out or Facebook for teams forming now!

House Cleaning? Who has time for that?

Green Meadow Cleaning 2

Some of life’s greatest moments are the memories we make with family and friends. But, in this fast paced, busy world we live in, we often find that we don’t have enough time in the day.  We have to make time for Virtual Learning if your children are not at school, sporting events, work, family time, taking care of elderly parents, or new additions to the family.  We never seem to have the time for everything, and one of the things we sometimes let go is the house cleaning.

There are many businesses in the community that could help you with house cleaning.  You need someone that is dependable, reliable, trustworthy, and has a “great” business track record.

Green Meadow Cleaning, that serves the Tri-Cities area, and is all of the above!

Take a look at what people are saying about them…

Green Meadow Cleaning is a local, family owned and operated business.  They provides House Cleaning, Office Cleaning, New Construction Cleaning, and other cleaning services for Residential and Commercial Clients.

Helping others has always been my passion and one of the ways I am able to pursue my passion is by building a company that offers Professional Cleaning for your home, office, or new construction. We are ready to help you find those extra hours, and ultimately, give you time back.
Erica Turner- Owner

Check out their current special!  Room by Room Cleaning

The New Real Estate Market

Jay Cottrell EXP

The New Real Estate Market

What Clients Should Expect

Clients should expect more from their agent. When making such important financial decisions/transactions, you should have a trusted advisor by your side helping you every step of the way. Your agent should take the time to get to know you, your goals, and your unique situation, advising you of all options available to you for selling your home.


What Buyers Should Expect

Buyers should expect their agent to go above and beyond ensuring you are fully aware and prepared for the home purchase process-even to the point of searching for off-market properties that might be of interest.


If you would like services like this, then contact Jay Cottrell of EXP Realty in Johnson City. He believes in a robust marketing plan, full transparency, and professionalism. You will not find an agent that will work harder to ensure you are fully aware of your options, that you have an expert advisor by your side, and have a smooth transaction from start to finish.


So whether you are looking to buy, sell, or invest in real estate, give him a call today to get started! 

Who’s working hard for you and your money?

Investing in a down economy

Is your 401k on a rabid roller coaster ride? Have you pulled out most of your hair? We can all admit, the economy is all over the place in 2020, but smart investors have a friend in the industry to help guide them with their investments. Blair Cahoon is a Financial Advisor with NYLIFE Securites in Johnson City. He has the experience and knowledge to help you get a grip on how current events are effecting your investments and how you can better respond to them. Don’t take chances with your financial future, go with a pro who will work hard for you and your money! Give Blair a call today for a consultation, you’ll be glad you did.

Contact Blair Cahoon, Financial Advisor NYLIFE Securities in Johnson City

Or, take your chances, whatever, it’s just your money…


The Most Fun You Can Have In Johnson City!

Trampoline Park Johnson City TN

Ever heard the expression, “Having this much fun ought to be illegal?” There’s a place in Johnson City where you can have more fun than you thought possible. That place is Quantum Leap Trampoline Sports Arena.


Owners Dr. Dan and Leah Bolton have been running this non-stop fun for three and a half years, offering more than 70 trampolines with an obstacle course, two trampoline basketball dunks, two competition dodge ball courts, a trapeze bar, battle beam foam pit, 50-foot tumbling track, warped wall parkour, a gymnastic foam pit, a well-equipped game arcade, eight lanes of Badl Axe (axe throwing), and a blacklight laser tag arena. Toss in a full-menu café and you can see how easy it is to get lost there for a whole day of family fun.


Trampoline Park Tri-Cities TNIt’s not just families that have a blast at Quantum Leap. Companies make use of the facilities, too. “Team Building is huge in all of our areas,” says owner Leah Bolton. “Our Trampoline Dodgeball is so much fun for teams to take on their co-workers and rivals. Laser Tag is played as teams instead of a free-for-all, so teamwork is key to winning the game and you’ll need to work together to achieve success. Laser Tag can accommodate up to 20 people, with 10 on each team. Laser Tag is great for kids, too. Participants can be five years old and up, as long as they can wear the game vest.  Badl Axe Throwing can also be played as teams with 6 players on each target.  The better the throwing, the better the score.”


Feeling the need to compete? Competitive Dodgeball is just what you need to hone your killer instincts. “Competitive Dodgeball can be played with 8 to 10 players on each team,” Leah says. “Elimination can come quickly, so you have to be ready. A Quantum Leap referee can keep the rules in check and can keep score to ensure the quality of the game so players can concentrate on elimination.”

Lazer Tag Johnson City TN

If you’re looking to nurture the ninja within, look no further than Battle Beam. “Battle Beam is a beam stretched out over a foam pit,” Leah says. “Each player has a foam joust and the challenge is to knock the other player off of the beam, into the foam and achieve victory!”


For those fantasies of becoming a trapeze artist and joining the circus, try the Flying Trapeze. No prior skills are necessary. “From itty bitty, one swing flying up to people achieving flips off of the bar, there is always a soft landing into a foam filled trampoline pit below,” Leah says.


Badl Axe Throwing at Quantum Leap Johnson City TNThen there’s the Badl Axe Room for your inner Viking. “Throwers must be 13 years old and up to throw axes,” Leah says. “Throwing can be a singles game to improve your personal score, or can be up to 12 people per lane (6 on each target) with fierce competitiveness coming out in players. From people who have never touched an axe to lumberjacks who use axes on a daily basis, axe throwing is fun and a lot easier than most can imagine. Throwing skills quickly grow from luck to learning to hit the 

kill shot.  Having a coach on each lane is key, so we have experienced coaches who instruct on safe throwing, then give pointers throughout the game to help improve the throw.”


Folks who prefer virtual gaming have a lot to love about Quantum Leap’s Arcade. “There are about 30 games in our Arcade,” Leah says. “We have a great company that we work with, so they’re always changing out the games to keep up with the most popular ones.


Food and Drink at Quantum Leap Trampoline Johnson CityAll those games and competition can work up quite an appetite. That’s where Quantum Leap’s full menu café comes in. “We have a full menu, with snacks like chips and candy bars up to cooked selections such as chicken nuggets, mini pizzas, hot dogs, nachos, loaded nachos, cheese, chicken or steak quesadillas, and loaded French fries,” Leah says. “We offer a large selection of healthy protein drinks and sport drinks, as well as soft drinks, slushies and juices. For our adults, we have a good selection of popular, nationally known beers and wine coolers, as well as a few delicious, local brews from our breweries right here in downtown Johnson City.”


Parties and Events Johnson City

Having a birthday party, family celebration, or a sports award ceremony? Quantum Leap has four private party rooms, each with its own party host. “For larger groups, we also offer a rentable overlook that can hold up to 50 people, and gives a bird’s eye view of the entire trampoline park, but with a private feel,” says Leah.


Quantum Leap Trampoline Sports Arena is 100% family planned and owned, with 100% USA-made trampolines. “We actually traveled to Georgia to watch our entire park being made; from weaving the trampolines, to sewing the pads and welding the braces,” Leah says. “We knew safety was our top priority so we did our research, and we are proud to be able to say that it has been worth the extra investment of having everything made right here on American soil. Quantum Leap Sports Arena is one of the safest trampoline arenas in the entire USA and we make it a priority to keep it that way.  We have always achieved top scores from the state on our inspection reports and we are so proud of our record with the state inspectors who know that they will always walk into an arena that is clean and safe. We have always achieved top scores from the health department and from city officials, as well.”


With quality and safety their top priorities, Leah wants her customers to know that they don’t cut corners on anything. “With our maintenance, team members, food, and attractions, Quantum Leap is top notch. We train our team well and treat them well. The team that we have is outstanding and so smart, with most of them being college students and a few that will be headed to a training school or college next year. We have the brightest people working as a team, and it’s been amazing watching them go from high school, on to either college or training in a trade and achieving their goals. We are proud to be a stepping stone, and a learning step in the path to their chosen careers.”


So, if fun has been missing for you lately, now’s the time to make a change. Head on over to Quantum Leap Trampoline Sports Arena and have all the fun you can have that’s still legal! 


Quantum Leap Trampoline Sports Arena and Badl Axe Throwing Bar



117 East King Street, Johnson City, TN 37601

Across from the Johnson City Library



Leah 423-928-LEAP (5327)



[email protected]



Badl Axe


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Incredible Towns



COVID-19 Announcement from Incredible Business Networking


UPDATE (3/16/20): In accordance with recent COVID-19 Guidelines from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the White House Coronavirus Task Force advising events of 10 or more to reschedule, we are suspending all Incredible Business Networking Events in the Tri Cities TN/VA for at least 8 weeks beginning this Tuesday, March 17th, 2020.

Our edited schedule for upcoming events will now be as follows:

  • March (remainder) – No Lunch or Evening Social Networking Events
  • April – No Lunch or Evening Social Networking Events
  • May – No Lunch or Evening Social Networking Events
  • Thursday, May 28th (Rescheduled/Tentative subject to conditions) – Incredible Business Speed Networking – 7:30am-Noon at the Holiday Inn Convention Center. Everyone who has a ticket will be automatically registered for the new date.
  • June – Resume normal schedule (subject to conditions)

We here at Incredible Towns / Incredible Business Networking encourage everyone to stay safe during this health crisis and follow CDC guidelines to “flatten the curve” and slow down disease transmission. We will monitor CDC and Tennessee Dept of Health guidelines and will advise if this schedule requires amending due to changing conditions. Also, we hope you will find ways to economically support small, local businesses as much as possible as they suffer a severe downturn in business.

New Asian Restaurant opens in Johnson City – Toppanyaki Buffet


All You Can Eat Asian Buffet Restaurant in Johnson City

Toppanyaki Buffet - Asian Buffet Restaurant in Johnson City (12)

Toppanyaki Asian Buffet is open 7 Days a week for Lunch or Dinner at 2614 N. Roan St. Johnson City, TN.  After a renovation and cleaning of the old Empire Chinese Buffet building, the new owners have done a good job not only of presenting a nice clean dining environment, but also delivering a better food quality for its customers. After dining here, we would recommend you give it a try for yourself.

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