Love Seafood? Here’s a hidden gem!

The Mayflower Seafood Restaurant in Elizabethton Tennessee

Great Seafood. Elizabethton. Not exactly words you would think to use in the same sentence…

The Mayflower Seafood Restaurant located in Elizabethton TN

… And then we found The Mayflower Seafood Restaurant in Elizabethton and had great seafood, and at prices that quite honestly shocked us! The entrees range from $8.99 to $18.99, with a Three Item (You Pick) Platter priced at only $15.29. The food was delivered to our table quickly and correctly, and the portions were large. A big plus, our Server was attentive and never let our glasses get empty.  Continue reading

The Most Fun You Can Have In Johnson City!

Trampoline Park Johnson City TN

Ever heard the expression, “Having this much fun ought to be illegal?” There’s a place in Johnson City where you can have more fun than you thought possible. That place is Quantum Leap Trampoline Sports Arena.


Owners Dr. Dan and Leah Bolton have been running this non-stop fun for three and a half years, offering more than 70 trampolines with an obstacle course, two trampoline basketball dunks, two competition dodge ball courts, a trapeze bar, battle beam foam pit, 50-foot tumbling track, warped wall parkour, a gymnastic foam pit, a well-equipped game arcade, eight lanes of Badl Axe (axe throwing), and a blacklight laser tag arena. Toss in a full-menu café and you can see how easy it is to get lost there for a whole day of family fun.


Trampoline Park Tri-Cities TNIt’s not just families that have a blast at Quantum Leap. Companies make use of the facilities, too. “Team Building is huge in all of our areas,” says owner Leah Bolton. “Our Trampoline Dodgeball is so much fun for teams to take on their co-workers and rivals. Laser Tag is played as teams instead of a free-for-all, so teamwork is key to winning the game and you’ll need to work together to achieve success. Laser Tag can accommodate up to 20 people, with 10 on each team. Laser Tag is great for kids, too. Participants can be five years old and up, as long as they can wear the game vest.  Badl Axe Throwing can also be played as teams with 6 players on each target.  The better the throwing, the better the score.”


Feeling the need to compete? Competitive Dodgeball is just what you need to hone your killer instincts. “Competitive Dodgeball can be played with 8 to 10 players on each team,” Leah says. “Elimination can come quickly, so you have to be ready. A Quantum Leap referee can keep the rules in check and can keep score to ensure the quality of the game so players can concentrate on elimination.”

Lazer Tag Johnson City TN

If you’re looking to nurture the ninja within, look no further than Battle Beam. “Battle Beam is a beam stretched out over a foam pit,” Leah says. “Each player has a foam joust and the challenge is to knock the other player off of the beam, into the foam and achieve victory!”


For those fantasies of becoming a trapeze artist and joining the circus, try the Flying Trapeze. No prior skills are necessary. “From itty bitty, one swing flying up to people achieving flips off of the bar, there is always a soft landing into a foam filled trampoline pit below,” Leah says.


Badl Axe Throwing at Quantum Leap Johnson City TNThen there’s the Badl Axe Room for your inner Viking. “Throwers must be 13 years old and up to throw axes,” Leah says. “Throwing can be a singles game to improve your personal score, or can be up to 12 people per lane (6 on each target) with fierce competitiveness coming out in players. From people who have never touched an axe to lumberjacks who use axes on a daily basis, axe throwing is fun and a lot easier than most can imagine. Throwing skills quickly grow from luck to learning to hit the 

kill shot.  Having a coach on each lane is key, so we have experienced coaches who instruct on safe throwing, then give pointers throughout the game to help improve the throw.”


Folks who prefer virtual gaming have a lot to love about Quantum Leap’s Arcade. “There are about 30 games in our Arcade,” Leah says. “We have a great company that we work with, so they’re always changing out the games to keep up with the most popular ones.


Food and Drink at Quantum Leap Trampoline Johnson CityAll those games and competition can work up quite an appetite. That’s where Quantum Leap’s full menu café comes in. “We have a full menu, with snacks like chips and candy bars up to cooked selections such as chicken nuggets, mini pizzas, hot dogs, nachos, loaded nachos, cheese, chicken or steak quesadillas, and loaded French fries,” Leah says. “We offer a large selection of healthy protein drinks and sport drinks, as well as soft drinks, slushies and juices. For our adults, we have a good selection of popular, nationally known beers and wine coolers, as well as a few delicious, local brews from our breweries right here in downtown Johnson City.”


Parties and Events Johnson City

Having a birthday party, family celebration, or a sports award ceremony? Quantum Leap has four private party rooms, each with its own party host. “For larger groups, we also offer a rentable overlook that can hold up to 50 people, and gives a bird’s eye view of the entire trampoline park, but with a private feel,” says Leah.


Quantum Leap Trampoline Sports Arena is 100% family planned and owned, with 100% USA-made trampolines. “We actually traveled to Georgia to watch our entire park being made; from weaving the trampolines, to sewing the pads and welding the braces,” Leah says. “We knew safety was our top priority so we did our research, and we are proud to be able to say that it has been worth the extra investment of having everything made right here on American soil. Quantum Leap Sports Arena is one of the safest trampoline arenas in the entire USA and we make it a priority to keep it that way.  We have always achieved top scores from the state on our inspection reports and we are so proud of our record with the state inspectors who know that they will always walk into an arena that is clean and safe. We have always achieved top scores from the health department and from city officials, as well.”


With quality and safety their top priorities, Leah wants her customers to know that they don’t cut corners on anything. “With our maintenance, team members, food, and attractions, Quantum Leap is top notch. We train our team well and treat them well. The team that we have is outstanding and so smart, with most of them being college students and a few that will be headed to a training school or college next year. We have the brightest people working as a team, and it’s been amazing watching them go from high school, on to either college or training in a trade and achieving their goals. We are proud to be a stepping stone, and a learning step in the path to their chosen careers.”


So, if fun has been missing for you lately, now’s the time to make a change. Head on over to Quantum Leap Trampoline Sports Arena and have all the fun you can have that’s still legal! 


Quantum Leap Trampoline Sports Arena and Badl Axe Throwing Bar



117 East King Street, Johnson City, TN 37601

Across from the Johnson City Library



Leah 423-928-LEAP (5327)





Badl Axe


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COVID-19 Announcement from Incredible Business Networking


UPDATE (3/16/20): In accordance with recent COVID-19 Guidelines from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the White House Coronavirus Task Force advising events of 10 or more to reschedule, we are suspending all Incredible Business Networking Events in the Tri Cities TN/VA for at least 8 weeks beginning this Tuesday, March 17th, 2020.

Our edited schedule for upcoming events will now be as follows:

  • March (remainder) – No Lunch or Evening Social Networking Events
  • April – No Lunch or Evening Social Networking Events
  • May – No Lunch or Evening Social Networking Events
  • Thursday, May 28th (Rescheduled/Tentative subject to conditions) – Incredible Business Speed Networking – 7:30am-Noon at the Holiday Inn Convention Center. Everyone who has a ticket will be automatically registered for the new date.
  • June – Resume normal schedule (subject to conditions)

We here at Incredible Towns / Incredible Business Networking encourage everyone to stay safe during this health crisis and follow CDC guidelines to “flatten the curve” and slow down disease transmission. We will monitor CDC and Tennessee Dept of Health guidelines and will advise if this schedule requires amending due to changing conditions. Also, we hope you will find ways to economically support small, local businesses as much as possible as they suffer a severe downturn in business.

New Asian Restaurant opens in Johnson City – Toppanyaki Buffet


All You Can Eat Asian Buffet Restaurant in Johnson City

Toppanyaki Buffet - Asian Buffet Restaurant in Johnson City (12)

Toppanyaki Asian Buffet is open 7 Days a week for Lunch or Dinner at 2614 N. Roan St. Johnson City, TN.  After a renovation and cleaning of the old Empire Chinese Buffet building, the new owners have done a good job not only of presenting a nice clean dining environment, but also delivering a better food quality for its customers. After dining here, we would recommend you give it a try for yourself.

Continue reading

What’s In YOUR Water?

Mountain View Pure Water – Tri-Cities, TN Water Filtration Systems



Does your water have an unpleasant taste or smell? Are your sinks and faucets turning white with calcium deposits? It’s time you are introduced to Mountain View Pure Water. Serving Johnson City and the Tri-Cities area, Mountain View Pure Water provides quality water filtration systems to improve your health, longevity, and quality of life.

Dan Toth and Family Owner Mountain View Pure Water Johnson City TNMountain View owner Dan Toth stresses the need for water filtration, whether your water comes from a well or from a municipal water supply. “If your water comes from a well, you need to ensure that it is not compromised by microbes or bacteria that can harm you,” Dan says.  “Iron ‘rust’ and calcium ‘hardness’ ruin your appliances, plumbing, and fixtures, and they also ruin water quality, taste, and freshness.”

Municipal water supplies have both good and bad properties. Dan says, “If your water comes from the municipal water supply, city or county, you need to realize that you are fortunate to have sanitary water available to you for such a reasonable price. On the flipside, the water that gets delivered to your home is not ideal for home use. Hardness, which is dissolved rock, typically limestone, will leave residue on your dishes, showers, and sinks, reducing your soap’s ability to clean. Typically, you have to use twice as much soap. Residual chlorine and hardness minerals can change the flavor of your water so that you don’t want to drink it. Besides these physical issues with the water, municipal water also contains chlorination byproducts such as trihalomethane and helioacetic acid, as well as other contaminants such as pesticides, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals and toxins that are not removed during normal water treatment.”


Mountain View Pure Water offers whole house water filtration, starting with water filters for well water, water softeners, and ultraviolet sterilization, along with drinking water solutions such as reverse osmosis systems. “Our ideal customer is someone who is health-conscious and understands the need for water treatment to have cleaner and healthier water,” Dan says. “At Mountain View Pure Water, we focus on the needs of the customer and provide the highest quality products available in the marketplace, giving you the best value available.”

Mountain View offers a variety of systems, but their most popular is the MaxPack. “This system couples our industry-leading water condition system, the Water Max, with reverse osmosis, giving you great water throughout your house and pure, great tasting water for drinking.” Dan says.

Water Quality Testing TriCities YN VAMountain View offers free in-home water testing (valued at $120) to anyone who schedules a water test. “The education provided in our water test and presentation is so valuable you’ll want all of your friends and family to know about it, too,” Dan says.  “At Mountain View Pure Water, we believe the more you know the better we can serve you. That’s why we take time to educate you about your water conditions and how we can help you get the water quality you want for your family.”


Part of what makes Mountain View Pure Water unique in their field is their commitment to the health of their customers. “We are not plumbers and we are not just trying to sell an appliance,” Dan says. “We want to take care of your water issues to give your family healthy, great tasting water that will improve your life and health for decades to come. We try to live by the motto, Provide more than you promised. We believe you’ll find Mountain View Pure Water will meet and exceed your expectations for quality products, great service and customer satisfaction.”


Dan’s products come with great warranties. “When you buy one of our great industry leading Hague products, you can rely on us to service your system worry-free for no extra charge for the life of the warranty, ranging from 10 to 25 years, depending on the product,” Dan says.


Find out which Mountain View product is right for you. “In our attempt to provide products for every home we have several types of water treatment available for all sizes and applications in your home or business. We also provide systems for monthly rental and in-house financing for qualified buyers,” Dan says. “We also have commercial water systems for restaurants, hotels, coffee houses, breweries and other applications where improved water quality is necessary.”


We know how clean and great-tasting Mountain View Pure Water is, but don’t just take our word for it. Call Dan for an appointment to have your water tested, and find out how you can get the best water filtration system at the best price for your home or business.

Mountain View Pure Water Johnson City TN

Mountain View Pure Water

Serving the Tri-Cities area of Tennessee



Dan Toth








Mountain View Pure Water


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Does the very thought of investing make you break out in a cold sweat?

Investor Training with Focused Investing

Investment Education by Focused Investing

Focused Investing Dr Mike BarnardDoes the very thought of investing make you break out in a cold sweat? Like all things, fear can be pegged to lack of knowledge or (in many cases) bad experiences that sprung from repeated wrong and risky behavior. Are you ready to cast off the fear and move ahead with confidence? Good! Then you’re ready to check out Focused Investing.


Focused Investing specializes in investment education for the DIY investor. The owner, Dr. Thomas Mike Barnard, brings his years of study and practice to the forefront in programs for his clients. “I do not teach techniques that may come in and out of favor, that may work for some but not others,” he says. “I work with every person individually in the capacity of a coach to teach fundamentals and basics of business that have stood the test of time.”

Focus Investing’s educational programs are very hands-on.  “My clients go through a 3-month immersive program,” Dr. Barnard points out. “We meet once per week via Zoom conference and they trade virtual money on the stock market. We discuss their thought process, why they made decisions, how they can execute better, etc. They come out of the 3-month program with the confidence to make investing decisions without looking to others for approval or confirmation. You cannot get better results than others if you are approval seeking, which nearly all investors are. I also offer business consulting in regards to finance and strategy, business valuations, NPV calculations of projects, and other financial modeling.”


Learning how to investDr. Barnard has long nurtured a passion for business and specifically investing in businesses. “I read numerous investment newsletters in order to get into the minds of experts before starting college,” he says. “I invested money borrowed on a credit card with the goal of learning and not losing the money. I made hundreds of small investments, some good, some bad. After one year of breaking even, I learned how to limit risk (risk management techniques), time entry and exit (execution), and make high returns with low risk/asymmetric risk/return tradeoff.”


Focused Investing is grounded in the principles taught by Warren Buffett. “Invest in great businesses at fair prices,” Dr. Barnard says. “Put all of your eggs in one basket and then watch that basket. Spend your time doing due diligence before you invest, make confident decisions, and limit risk. “


Successful-Investment-Strategy-for-SuccessDr. Barnard enjoys working with clients who take responsibility for their own success. “My ideal client is driven to be above average and is willing to put in the work to achieve greatness and stop settling for average,” he says. “Many people either do not care or want to learn about investing. Others know just enough to think they do not need help. The obstacle is to get the customer to be open minded long enough to see the value of what I offer. There are many types of investing and many times people may attempt to invest and either lose money or get confused and give up, but they probably tried to invest in a way that is not suited to their personality. For this reason, I give a personality test in the beginning to understand the client’s personality and how they make decisions.”


In addition to personality, there is a “mindset” that investors learn to cultivate over time. Dr. Barnard says that fledgling investors need to take it one step at a time. “I work with people from complete beginners who do not know how to open a trading account to seasoned experts who want to continue to improve. They may want to learn about building financial models, getting intrinsic values, reading financial statements or stock charts. The mindset should be that it is okay to make mistakes, all investors lose money from the most experienced and knowledgeable to those who are extremely diversified. The focus should never be on never losing money or trying to get huge returns, it should be on optimizing the risk/return and continually improving your skills so that risk is minimized and returns are maximized for a given level of risk. “


Reduce-Financial-StressAre you risk averse due to prior bad experiences with the market? This is learned wrong behavior, and it can lead to fear or trepidation about future investments. According to Dr. Barnard, this fear is misunderstood. “Investors are not really afraid of investing, they are scared of losing money,” he says. “This is often because they lack the skills to perform proper due diligence, such as a thorough SWOT analysis, use Porter’s Five Forces, assess the market for the service or product including the level of competition, and finally value the business and industry. They will have these skills when they complete the program.”

Focused Investing offers three specific programs for customers. These are:

  • The Curious Investor
  • The Hungry Investor
  • The Determined Investor


Stock-and-Investment-Trading-Education“I should note that all training is specific to long term business investing,” Dr. Barnard says. “I do not teach day trading, commodities futures, options, or currency trading. The Curious Investor meets once per month to increase basic skills, terminology, etc. The Hungry Investor meets twice per month to increase their investing skills so they can take extra vacations, or afford life’s little luxuries. The Determined Investor understands that if they learn to invest well, they can replace their income from a job with income from investing and/or retire much earlier because the compound interest could easily amount to more than they could ever save by working, even if they saved huge portions of their checks.


Focused Investing works with clients in all phases of their lives, from young people just learning about the market to people approaching retirement. The needs are different for each type of client. For the older clients, there may be issues of trust that hold them back. “I cannot recommend any particular investment or strategy but I can offer to educate them around certain aspects of finance and answer questions in the capacity of an unbiased third party,” Dr. Barnard says. “Often times people are not sure whether they can trust a financial advisor and the option they have is to ask another financial advisor whom they also may not trust. Even if there is trust, their incentives may not be aligned and this causes unease. I may even be able to work alongside financial advisers who have clients that are on the fence. In any case, I provide education and I do not get paid from sales, so I may be able to leave them feeling better about their decisions and experiences. However, if someone is nearing retirement and they have not saved for it, there is not much they can do now to build wealth but if they have wealth (maybe in the form of a business) I may be able to help them find options for limiting risk.”


Minimize-Investment-risk-through-educationFor young people, the key is getting them educated correctly. “Young people have never been taught financial skills in school, and sadly most of what they learn from those around them is backwards and harmful. I give them skills and change their mindsets, so they can get out of their own way,” Dr. Barnard says.


Focused Investing is never a “hard sell” to prospective clients. All initial consultations are free and are never used as a sales pitch opportunity. “The consultation is an opportunity to get to know one another and see whether I can solve a problem,” Dr. Barnard says. “If I cannot, I will not attempt to sell services and 100% refunds are offered in many cases up to a certain point in the project. I am more concerned with adding value and building a reputation as someone who can help long term, than I am in making short term sales.”


Dr. Barnard has witnessed quite a few client success stories. One of his favorites involves someone who needed to save money for a wedding. “They wanted to save $20,000 in one year. We surpassed that goal by more than $10,000,” he says.


Engagement in Focused Investing’s programs is a sure way to cut through the “noise” associated with learning to invest in the market. “My investing clients could learn everything I teach on their own, but it would take substantially more time and money and be a far bumpier path as they get confused and learn from experiences,” Dr. Barnard says. “There is nowhere in the world that I am aware of where they can get this type of premium service at all, at any price, but my prices are far below services that are subpar to mine.”


Manage-my-own-MoneyBusiness clients have different needs than personal investors. “My business consulting clients probably have some of the skills that I have,” Dr. Barnard says. “They probably know how to make decisions on an intuitive level. Yet, they may be leaving money on the table if they could reduce costs further, grow their market, etc. It is up to me figure out how and I charge a fraction of the increased resulting profits if I can achieve them and nothing if I cannot find a way to help. My success is 100% dependent on my creating increased success for my clients. I take all the risk.”


So, if you have been straddling the fence about investing in the market, or thinking about taking the plunge, you owe it to yourself to speak to Dr. Barnard at Focused Investing. Start your journey off right, and learn to build a lifetime of satisfying investing experiences.


Focused Investing Dr Mike Barnard

Focused Investing



Dr. Thomas Mike Barnard







Focused Investing

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Finding good, affordable insurance can be like slogging neck deep through a snake-infested swamp.

Finding Insurance can be tough...

Have you shopped for Insurance lately? It can be rough!

Finding good, affordable insurance can be like slogging neck deep through a snake-infested swamp. How do you know you’ll get a fair rate and good coverage to protect your home, your car, your RV, or your business? It’s enough to keep you awake at night.


1 Source Insurance Johnson City TN - Life, Health, Auto, Business

Enter 1 Source Insurance Group in Johnson City, Tennessee. They’ve been helping their customers get the best rates for the best coverage for more than 16 years. Whatever insurance you’re looking for, from group health for businesses to life, auto, Medicare supplements, Medicare Advantage, homeowners’ policies, motorcycle, RVs, business liability, renters, boats, annuities, cancer, critical illness, hospital indemnity, accident, disability, dental vision, hearing… Whew! The list goes on. Throw in home health care, long term care, funeral trust, final expenses, and even debt elimination benefits. 


Johnson City Insurance AgencyHow do they do it? Part of the secret is that they represent multiple insurance carriers to find you the best possible deal. “We’re an independent agency,” says owner Lance Evans. “Unlike captive agencies that represent only their company’s services (that may or may not be the right fit), we have access to numerous carriers, so we can really cater to our clients’ needs.”


1 Source has a specific goal in mind for clients. “We aim to take care of our clients’ needs, no matter what happens in their lives, and to be able to offer options that will truly benefit them,” Lance says. “We will always do our best to get them pointed in the right direction for the help they need.”


What makes 1 Source so effective? It’s their dedication to quality insurance products and top-notch service. “What makes us unique? The fact that you have us working for you,” Lance points out. “Nobody else has us. We work hard to find options for our clients with the numerous carriers we represent. We also offer the majority of insurance options anyone will need. We help our clients with their day-to-day needs, helping them gain more income, lower the interest they pay to lenders, provide favorable tax benefits, and we help with their now and strengthen their down-the-road.”


What about cost savings? Is there a real advantage to working with 1 Source as an Independent Agent? “That depends on the clients’ needs, wants, and budgets. Typically, we can save clients 10-65% on their coverages.” Lance says.


Insurance Agency Johnson City TNOut of the numerous health plans 1 Source has available, the most popular at this time is United Health Care. “Much depends on the specific Medicare or health insurance plan,” Lance says. “We have options by which clients can see any doctors they want, and we have options that are network based and require specific doctors.”





Do you have a business that needs insurance? 1 Source has what you need. “We love contractors, doctors, attorneys, chiropractors, and dentists,” Lance says. “Professionals in general. We want to make clients’ shopping for insurance simple and be the 1 Source for all your insurance needs. 

Erasing Debt in Johnson CityIn addition to all these many kinds of insurance, Lance also offers Debt Elimination services. “We help individuals reposition their funds without changing their lifestyle, enabling their money to work harder for them through a benefit to eliminate debt. Once clients enable us to run a case through our proprietary software, we can let them know when and how they can pay off their home, auto loan, credit cards, and more,” he says. “One of our proudest accomplishments was helping a family alleviate $596,000 worth of debt in eight years without bankruptcy or consolidation.”


At 1 Source, experienced Tennessee insurance agents will help you choose the policy that fits your specific personal or business needs, and they can offer advice on other insurance options that could benefit you in the long run. No two insurance policies are ever the same. Every person or business has different needs for their insurance. The experts at 1 Source are looking forward to meeting you and discussing your unique insurance needs.


With all these opportunities to save money on quality insurance and even dig out from under a burdensome pile of debt, it’s time to contact Lance at 1 Source and find what’s right for you. 


1 Source Insurance Group



Casey Lillie



Lance Evans



217 E. Market Street

Johnson City, TN 37601

Close to WJHL Channel 11 and Main Street Pizza




Visit 1 Source Insurance Group on the Web:


Business & Personal Debt Elimination

And on Social Media:


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Incredible Business Speed Networking – Johnson City- Mar 26 2020 – Press Release

Incredible-Business-SPEED-Networking in Johnson-City,-TN-at-Holiday-Inn


For Immediate Release [Dec 11, 2019]


Power networking opportunity returns to the Tri-Cities!

Incredible Business Speed Networking is back, bigger and better! 


Contact: Choya Harden

(828) 777-2288


Johnson City, TN  – Incredible Business SPEED! Networking gives Tri-Cities business people, entrepreneurs, and professionals the chance to meet a large quantity of new business contacts in one power-packed morning. After the sold out success of the first event of this type in Sep 2019, the next iteration of this half-day business and entrepreneur focused event is slated for Thursday, March 26, 2020, from 7:30 am until Noon at the Holiday Inn Conference Center in Johnson City.


Sponsored by Incredible Towns, a Digital Marketing Agency based in the Tri-Cities, this event will feature Speed Networking, a popular form of advanced networking that increases the number of new contacts an attendee can meet face to face in a short time. During a series of 12 rounds, event goers will meet with up to seven other people around a table and give one-minute introductions, as well as exchange business cards and promotional materials, and ask questions of each other and interact. After each round is completed, attendees then move to a new table with new contacts.


Incredible Business SPEED! Networking is a high value event for those looking to meet new contacts to build their referral network and grow their business,” says event coordinator Choya Harden. “There’s even more opportunity to meet and chat over breakfast.”


Ticket prices are affordable at $54.95 for General Admission, and $109.95 for Table Sponsors. Only 80 seats are available so get your tickets now. Want to stand out at this event? Table Sponsors (Limit 10) will receive promotional consideration at the event and online. For more details and to purchase your ticket, visit (Limit 2 people per business).


Incredible Business Networking (IBN) provides multiple networking opportunities every month in Johnson City, Kingsport, Bristol and the Tri-Cities Region. IBN Networking Lunches and Business Socials are free and open to all. For a schedule of events, visit


More Info:

WATCH THE VIDEO for Incredible Business SPEED! Networking

Are you chasing waterfalls? (or grass or snow?) There is a New Hope for you!

Aquascapes Landscaping Lawn Mowing Service TriCities TN Johnson City Jonesborough Kingsport Gray Greeneville

You may be used to rivers and lakes (as the song goes), but why not go chasing waterfalls? You can with New Hope Aquascapes and Landscaping.


Koi Pond Service TriCities TN Johnson City Jonesborough Kingsport Gray GreenevilleNew Hope Aquascapes is a Tri-Cities landscaping service with a specialty in design, installation, and maintenance of water features, making them really stand out from other local landscaping services. We provide professional quality service in Johnson City, Jonesborough, Kingsport, Gray, Greeneville, and surrounding areas.


Owner Clay Goad describes New Hope’s range of services. “We offer all water feature services – ponds, fountains, and waterfalls,” he says, “including design, engineering, installation, and maintenance. We offer landscaping, such as redesign, trimming, mulching, aerating, seeding, leaf management, snow management, and more. We also have a mowing division that maintains lawns on a weekly basis – everything from mowing, edging, trimming, and air sweeping.”

Landscaping Service TriCities TN Johnson City Jonesborough Kingsport Gray GreenevilleIn addition to the services previously mentioned, New Hope also offers delivery services, from redoing gravel driveways to delivering mulch for “do-it-yourselfers.” They deliver rock, sand, soil, mulch, compost and will haul most anything up to 5 tons per load.


New Hope’s business philosophy is succinct and simple. “At New Hope, we are dependable and accountable. We show up when we say, we answer the phone, and are always just a phone call away,” Clay says.

Water Features Service TriCities TN Johnson City Jonesborough Kingsport Gray Greeneville

Of the many services offered by New Hope Aquascapes, Clay is most excited about building water features. “Each water feature we are involved with is exciting,” he says. “We have installed ponds for clients who had only dreamed about having them. We maintain some for clients who aren’t able to do it anymore. We have re-homed sentimental fish for clients. Literally anything about a water feature is exciting!”

Customer satisfaction and open communication are the driving forces behind New Hope Aquascapes. Clay enjoys anything that brings a smile to his customer’s faces. “We are turnkey,” he says. “We never leave a mess for a client to clean up; we make sure to keep worksites clean and safe. We are in constant contact with clients about the process and progress of the project.”

Snow Removal Service TriCities TN Johnson City Jonesborough Kingsport Gray GreenevilleNew Hope Aquascapes always goes that extra mile to really stand out to customers. “We take pride in our work,” Clay says. “We show up when we say we will, and we do what we say we are going to do. We aren’t always the cheapest, but we don’t cut corners. In this industry, you get what you pay for. We make sure you get a great value!”


Serving East Tennessee and the Appalachian Highlands from small residential to large commercial installations, New Hope Aquascapes is fully licensed and insured, and offers limited warranties on most products and services. Check them out at Google, Home Advisor, Angie’s List, and Better Barter. 

New Hope handles small jobs like sprucing up the yard and large, expansive jobs like total landscape renewal, including a complete planting scheme and major water feature like a cascading waterfall in your yard. 

So, if you’re looking for a showcase koi pond and waterfall, or you just need a dependable lawn service or decorative planting for sustainability and curb appeal, New Hope Aquascapes is ready to meet your needs. Call Clay today for an estimate on your dream project.


New Hope Aquascapes

Clay Goad, Owner



1404 Persimmon Ridge Rd #A1

Jonesborough TN 37659



833-LAWN-411 (833-529-6411) / 423-367-1214




Visit New Hope Aquascapes and Landscaping Online:



Incredible Towns


Painting the Tri-Cities!


XTreme-Painting-Painting-Contractor-in-Kingsport-TN-19Do you need the best residential or commercial paint job you can find in the Tri-Cities and surrounding area? Xtreme Painting has you covered (pun intended)! 


Xtreme owner Rick Keen started the business as a side job, because he was passionate about restoring homes and making homeowners’ dreams become reality. Xtreme Painting took off quickly, becoming well-established in the Tri-Cities. This led to a second location in Sevierville, TN, operated by Rick’s lifelong friend Eddie Burnett. “This makes Xtreme Painting unique,” Rick says. “The two companies frequently come together to tackle large, industrial jobs, and this partnership allows for a wide coverage area that the company can service.”


Xtreme Painting has a simple and straightforward business philosophy. “We are dedicated to setting the highest standard for quality work at an affordable price,” Rick says, “as well as developing and maintaining valuable relationships with customers by making their satisfaction our top priority.”


XTreme-Painting-Painting-Contractor-in-Kingsport-TN-20From small residential projects to large commercial jobs, Xtreme Painting is licensed and insured, and offers a wide range of services. “Any kind of paint project you can think of, we can do,” Rick says. “We offer commercial and residential painting on both interior and exterior surfaces. We can do wall patterns like stripes or zigzags on interior walls for customers with a more creative side. We can paint/stain concrete flooring; we can paint/stain your privacy fences, porches, and decks; we paint cabinets; we stain log cabins.”


Xtreme Painting does much more than just paint. They restore. “We install and refinish hardwood flooring, we install laminate flooring and vinyl plank flooring, we repair drywall damage, and much more,” Rick says. “The only services we can’t provide are electrical, roofing, and plumbing, but due to our decades of experience in home remodeling, we know many reliable companies that we can refer to for these services, if needed.”


Every business has a favorite customer, and Xtreme Painting is no exception. “We love working with customers who openly communicate their vision and dreams for their home. After all, our goal is to make their dreams come true,” Rick says.


XTreme-Painting-Painting-Contractor-in-Kingsport-TN-14What makes Xtreme Painting really stand out in their field? If we were to name one thing, it would be their meticulous attention to details. “The paint job is in the prep work!” Rick exclaims. “We invest as much care and attention to detail in the prep work as we do in the paint job itself.”


Another way Xtreme Painting stands above the rest is their willingness to go “above and beyond” for customer care and satisfaction. “We have left handwritten thank-you notes in customers’ mailboxes,” Rick says. “Also, if a customer has chosen Xtreme Painting for several projects in a row and/or has established a trustworthy and valuable relationship with us, we have a friends and family discount that we offer those irreplaceable customers.”


Xtreme Painting is trustworthy and stands behind their work. “If a customer ever has a concern with the project, as long as they communicate their concerns to us, we will take care of it,” Rick says. “We always use a PPG product called Timeless. It’s a high-quality paint that is long lasting and durable. But really what makes our paint jobs last long is the prep work that goes in beforehand.”


XTreme Painting - Painting Contractor in Tri-Cities TNCommunity involvement is a cornerstone of Xtreme Painting’s philosophy. “We love our community here in the Tri-Cities and try to get involved with it in any way we can,” Rick says. “Networking events, charity events, vendor showcases (like at the Fort Henry Mall this past summer) sponsoring sports events at the local schools. We have also sponsored a JC Cardinals baseball game.” 


Another unique quality about Xtreme Painting is their involvement with the Kingsport Business Club. The KBC is an organization of small business owners who are dedicated to enriching the community by empowering the small business owners in Kingsport, and also by hosting and serving at local charity events.


So, whatever your needs, from home painting and flooring to huge commercial projects, call Xtreme Painting for a free estimate. You have a dream about your project, and Xtreme Painting excels in making dreams come true. We see that as a win-win!


Xtreme Painting

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